Raspberry mint cocktail

Raspberry mint cocktail


1 tbsp. brown sugar

A few fresh mint leaves

1 glass crushed ice

1 dash of cachaça (optional – you can leave this out if you are topping the cocktail up with sparkling water)

2 tbsp. Darbo raspberry syrup

Sparkling water to top up


Fresh mint for decoration

Fresh raspberries for decoration


Stir in a couple of quarters of fresh lime for a tasty raspberry mojito.


Put the brown sugar and fresh mint leaves into a glass and gently crush the mint with a mortar.

Fill the glass with the crushed ice and add a dash of cachaça (use as much as you like).

Add the raspberry syrup. Top the drink up with sparkling water (optional).

Decorate with fresh mint leaves and fresh raspberries.

You can stir the cocktail before serving it.

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