With Darbo’s fruit, herbal and blossom syrups, you can guarantee an intensively enjoyable flavour adventure just as strong as you like it (we recommend diluting 1 part syrup in 7 parts water). You will be sure to find more than just one favourite in the diverse world of Darbo syrups. The high content of exquisite fruit, herbs and blossoms that goes into our syrups will ensure a unique taste experience.


Sicilian lemon

Darbo - Sicilian lemon


Darbo - Elderflower


Darbo - Raspberry


Darbo - Peppermint

Peach and passion fruit

Darbo - Peach and passion fruit

Sour cherry

Darbo - Sour cherry


Darbo - Blackcurrant

Orange and passion fruit

Darbo - Orange and passion fruit


Darbo - Elderberry

Strawberry and lime

Darbo - Strawberry and lime

Blueberry and blackcurrant

Darbo - Blueberry and blackcurrant


Darbo - Pomegranate

Lemon balm

Darbo - Lemon balm

Wild lingonberry

Darbo - Wild lingonberry

Nutritional information per 100g

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