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The unmistakeable taste of the very best fruit. The unmistakeable taste of fine honey. The unmistakeable taste of Darbo.

The same today as it has been for over 130 years – because the family firm has embodied a passion for processing fruit into exquisite products such as jams and syrups ever since it was founded.

Darbo has now grown into an amazing success story in which experience and expertise have been handed down and perfected without interruption from one generation to the next.

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The 2018 financial year: Darbo continues growth

The 2018 financial year: Darbo continues growth


 Fruitful turnover development and strong export ratio

Today, 14 June 2019, the A. Darbo AG, Austria's leading jam and honey supplier, presented its figures for the 2018 financial year at its annual general meeting. With a turnover of €140.3 million, the Tyrolean family firm achieved a 1.6 percent increase in turnover last year. The popularity of Darbo products abroad is also growing steadily: the already high export ratio in previous years continued to rise to 52.8 percent. In Austria, Darbo maintained its position as market leader in the jam and fruit spread segment, holding strong at 58.3 percent.

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Darbo sugar reduced

Darbo sugar reduced


The new fruit spread with 1/3 less sugar

Anyone who wants to save on sugar without sacrificing enjoyment is in the right place with the new fruit spread line from Darbo .

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Now it´s getting fresh!

Now it´s getting fresh!


Now it´s getting fresh!
With Darbo´s new peppermint syrup

Darbo introduces a new flavour to the syrup shelves with this new peppermint variety - in proven high quality, of course.

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Delicious recipes

Anyone who likes Darbo’s exquisite products will love our wide range of recipes, featuring original culinary ideas for desserts and sweet pastries right through to choice main dishes and cocktails – after all, no two people like the same thing.

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Darbo’s delicious products are available from virtually all food retailers and wholesalers in Austria as well as being known and loved well beyond the country’s borders too – in fact, they are now exported to over 50 countries in the world.

However, if you can’t get your hands on certain Darbo products, you might be interested to hear about our online distribution partner

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